Panama Tuition Advantage

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The University of Arkansas is proud to provide a tuition advantage for all qualifying undergraduate and graduate level students from Panama.

To Qualify

  • Meet all admissions criteria and be accepted as a degree-seeking student.
  • A citizen and permanent resident of Panama
  • Freshman, transfer or *graduate student
  • Freshman, transfer, or *graduate student
Amount of Tuition Advantage Award Freshman Criteria Transfer Criteria
90% reduction 3.60 CGPA +
1310 SAT or
28 ACT score
3.20 cumulative transfer GPA
80% reduction 3.40 CGPA +
1240 SAT or
26 ACT score
Received upon admission
70% reduction Recieved upon admission not applicable
*100% reduction will be awarded upon admission into a master’s or doctoral program

The percentage reduction is for the out-of-state portion of tuition only.

To Renew This Tuition Advantage

  • Undergraduate students must be enrolled in 12.0 credit hours per semester;
  • Undergraduate students must earn a 2.5 grade point average at the end of each semester and successfully complete 24.0 credit hours each academic year.
  • Graduate students must be enrolled in 9.0 credit hours per semester.
  • Graduate students must earn at least a 2.85 grade point average and successfully complete 18.0 credit hours each academic year.