Graduate and International Ambassadors

University of Arkansas Graduate and International Student Ambassadors come from all over the world and represent a wide variety of majors. Learn more about what it takes to become an Graduate and International Student Ambassador!


Pictured left to right: Joshua, Luis, Selina and Harry


I am a senior, studying Agricultural Economics and Computer Science at the University of Arkansas. As a Ghanaian born, I have always loved my beautiful country because it portrays the true beauty of the African continent. Ghana was formally known as the “Land of Gold." My desired dream is to be a great industrial engineer, harnessing changes in Africa. I chose the University of Arkansas for several reasons that met my needs: it is affordable yet highly competitive, and above all has great teaching faculty with well-equipped research centers, and strong engineering and agricultural departments. I also chose the U of A due to its remarkable achievements in engineering and agriculture research. Some of the interesting events I have enjoyed since coming to the U of A are: Taste of Africa, Cardinal Nights, Russian Immersion, Caribbean Night, Panamanian dances, China Banquet, ICT Banquet and the Razorback games. Through these, I have made friends from all walks of life.


I am studying chemical engineering at the University of Arkansas. I am from Panama, a country located in south central America. Panama is well known for the Panama Canal which represents the great privilege we have for serving the world by connecting it. Panama also possesses a beautiful Caribbean coast full of beaches, warm tropical climate, a rich diverse culture, and a wide range of ecosystems filled with incredible species. When I first came to the University of Arkansas, I was 19 years old and it was my first time abroad. I was a boy who did not know the place I was going or its people; I came as a sponsored student because the university offered my sponsors a wonderful academic program. In all, it has been a fantastic adventure and I can say that I am proud to call the University of Arkansas home.


I am a senior at the University of Arkansas. I am double majoring in biology and German, and my hometown is St. Louis, Missouri, also known as the “gateway to the West.” After completing my undergrad at Arkansas, I plan on attending graduate school in order to pursue a career in physical therapy. Choosing what university is the best fit for you is never an easy choice, so I am going to tell you a few reasons for why I chose the University of Arkansas. Since I knew I wanted to double major in biology and German, it narrowed down my choices quite a bit. I was looking for a research university that had a reputable science department and a strong German department. Arkansas met these criteria, and the head of both departments took the time to talk to me while I was on my campus visit. In addition to the university having a history of strong academics, I wanted a fairly large university with a history of traditions. I found all of this at the U of A!


I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree, double majoring in Accounting and Information Systems. My hometown is WuYuan,JiangXi, well known as “The Most Beautiful Village Of China.” It is located in southeast China, which is famous for producing green tea and well known for a lifestyle called 'Bridge River Home.' I selected the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville because of the reputation and comparatively inexpensive tuition. Not only is the U of A the flagship university in Arkansas, but is also a remarkable star school in the South. It has strong research capabilities and a well-organized school system from college to college. The Walton College of Business is my academic home. One of the things I like about Walton is that theprofessors have very strong academic teaching and research backgrounds. They are organized and systematic in their delivery of instruction, and it's very convenient to access the information you need. The professors here are also always ready to answer the questions you face in studying. I also proactively involve myself in academic organizations, and am serving as a student officer in Beta Alpha Psi, which is the only official Accounting Club in the Walton College of Business. I help facilitate communication between professionals from industries and our member students. Students like it because it helps them learn professionalism and network with potential employers.